Dental Course Offerings

We began teaching in Dentistry back in the 1980's at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Alberta. We were tasked with CPR training for all Faculty members. This led to a deeper understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by Dental Practitioners. We then went on to create the 02 Therapy Course for Dentistry, and also the Medical Emergency Management for Dental Practitioners (MEMDP) offered at the Continuing Education Department for several years.

We have Dr. Claudia Martin DDS, filling the role of Dental Medical Director/Educator with our College.

Healthcare CPR for Dental Professionals

We have been involved in Dental CPR training and education since the 1980's. We specialise in this by offering courses in-practice. We focus on CPR and resuscitation in the Op, and help teams work together to assess, treat, and provide care until the arrival of Emergency Services.

We meet and exceed all course requirements for Healthcare CPR and follow ILCOR recommendations when published. 

Fundamentals of airway management, use of basic oral adjuncts, two-person, four-hand Bag-mask ventilation is practiced extensively with bluetooth quantifiable CPR manikins. A ventilation simulator is also used to assess pressure generated during resuscitation to reduce the risk of gastric insufflation during resuscitation.

Course content is recognized by all 3 Dental Colleges in Alberta.

Advanced Airway Management for Pediatric & Adult Patients

We provide advanced training for dentists and select team members in airway management. This CDSA approved certificate course addresses basic, intermediate, and advanced airway management for Dentists working with Pediatric and/or Adult patients when sedation is provided.

We incorporate all methods of airway management, simulator training, intubation training with extensive practice opportunities. Review of sedation medications, monitoring of vital signs, and the need to provide definitive airway support.

We focus on the "ability" to provide advanced airway skills, but emphasize the need to use the most practical and simple airway possible until the arrival of Emergency Services.

Full documentation of skills completed are provided for audit purposes.

Mock Emergency Drills for Dental Teams

This course focuses on the team-based approach to medical emergencies, and other related emergencies that can occur during dental care and sedation. It spans a range of scenarios from power-loss, security threats, and the core-content of medical emergencies in the chair. Building on strong team CPR skills, we go deeper into medical emergencies and allow team members to lead cases in a variety of emergencies, to determine team and individual strengths.

Full documentation is provided for internal and external professional audits in accordance with the CDSA.

Course content is recognized by all 3 Dental Colleges in Alberta.

Medical Emergency Kit Training 

In this two-hour training we address all of the mandatory components of the required emergency medication kit. We discuss each medication, indications, contraindications, routes of administration, and quantification when possible. Team members are encouraged to ask questions, and skills involve drawing medications from ampoules and use of needles and syringes.

We also add addtional training in the assessment and use of glucometers, pulse oximeters, and blood pressure monitoring. We review this course every two years, or more frequently if there are new team members joining the practice.

Course content is recognized by all 3 Dental Colleges in Alberta.

Oxygen Therapy and Basic Airway Management for Dental Teams

In this 3-hour course we teach the fundamentals of 02 therapy delivery devices for both breathing and non-breathing patients. We practice 02 tank set-up, regulator troubleshooting, flow rates for supplemental and resuscitative delivery systems.

We discuss 02 therapy for patients needs in sedation and non-sedation cases such as syncope and pre-syncope, the most common medical emergency in dentistry. Skills also include the use of both nasal and oral airway adjuncts, suction devices used in the event of power failure.

Course content is recognized by all 3 Dental Colleges in Alberta.

Sedation Monitoring Assistant Course

We are an approved provider of the Sedation Monitoring Assistant course, recognized by the College of Dental Surgeons of Alberta. This course is aimed at Dental staff wishing to become approved to monitor dental patients in sedation cases. This course deals with all aspects of monitoring such as: Understanding and interpreting vital signs; understanding ECG complexes and their importance in monitoring; how to monitor IV therapy and the significance of IV sedatives; assisting in unforeseen medical emergencies that may occur in the dental operatory as an airway and ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) assistant.

This is an extensive training course of 40 hours, with intense educational and hands-on skills. 

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Qualitative Fit-testing for N95 Respirators.

We can provide certified qualitative fit-testing for Dental Teams at your location, or ours. We have been providing fit-testing since 1997 and were very active in the recent pandemic. All fit-testing is done in accordance with National guidelines, under the direction of Dr. Chris Nichol, our College Medical Director.