Opioid Emergencies

We have been teaching opioid emergency recognition and management since our Paramedic Diploma programme in 1998. We expanded this training into our EMR and EMT classes as provincial guidelines were modified for the use of Naloxone (Narcan). Since 2015 we have created a unique certificate course for Opioid OD recognition and management. Greg Clarkes, our College Education Coordinator has published a book specifically to "fill the gap" as very few evidence-based publications exist for First Responders. It is called the Rapid Response Guide to Opioid Emergencies. It can be found on Amazon, and in Kindle format.

Narcan Administration Provider Course

This 3-4 hour certificate course focuses on several areas: 

In this class we blend lectures, videos, interactive discussions, and scenarios utilizing Nasal Narcan primarily, and the use of Bag-Mask devices for resuscitation in concert with CPR skills when needed.